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DOT Physicals

What is a DOT physical?

A DOT (Department of Transportation) physical confirms whether you are healthy enough to perform the demanding profession of a CMV (commercial motor vehicle) driver. It helps to keep the nation’s roads safe and includes:

What categories does the physical exam cover?

Sports Physicals

What is a sports physical?

Also called pre-participation physical examinations (PPE), sports physicals are usually a part of registering youths for participation in a sport. Organizers generally require an evaluation for children to participate. Regulations vary according to the rules of the respective state, school or a sport’s governing body.

A PPE helps to assure that the athlete is healthy and physically ready for their chosen activity such as baseball, football, martial arts, soccer or track. Before registering, check with the organizers about their eligibility requirements. The purpose of the PPE is to help minimize the risk of injury while your child plays.

Specific requirements can vary according to the particular sport’s organizers or governing body.

Your child's sports physical examination may include:

Camp Physicals

What is a camp physical?

Also called pre-participation physicals, camp physical examinations are an essential part of registering children for camps. Organizers typically require an evaluation for campers to participate. Regulations vary by state. Before registering, check with the administrators about specific eligibility requirements.

A camp physical helps ensure that your child is healthy and physically prepared to participate in all the activities offered at camps like hiking, swimming and canoeing. The goal is to help reduce the risks of potential injury to kids while away from home.

Why do children need camp physicals?

Although your child may be completely healthy, a day, Scout, overnight or summer camp organization may require them to undergo a physical before arrival.

This physical may seem inconvenient and unnecessary for a healthy child, but it protects the camper, other attendees and staff from avoidable illness, injury and life-threatening situations.

In addition to meeting the camp registration requirements, there are additional benefits to conducting a camp physical before participation:

Wellness Exam

What is a wellness exam?

An wellness exam is a routine visit to the doctor that usually takes place yearly or bi-yearly This exam evaluates your overall wellness and gives your health care provider important information about the condition of your health each year.

What happens during an annual wellness exam?

During an annual wellness exam, your health care provider will run through a series of tests and checks to get a general sense of how your body is doing. Often, your provider will do this using a physical exam check list that applies to your age, gender and any risk factors you may have.

Some of these checks include:

In addition to this, if you’re getting an wellness exam because of a specific complaint, your health care provider will take the time to check out any symptoms and work toward understanding what’s going on. If necessary, they’ll refer you to a specialist or doctor who has more expertise in that area of medicine so you can get treated as soon as possible.
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